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Lost & Found | Gonzo Youth Theatre

June 4, 2018

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Lost & Found

Gonzo Youth Theatre present Lost & Found on Friday 8th & Saturday 9th June 2018 at 7pm in Killygarry Community Centre, Cavan.

Lost & Found | Gonzo Youth Theatre


‘Lost and Found’, devised with Gonzo Youth Theatre and written by Calantha Forde, is a story of exploration and adventure. Our characters face many challenges, from the changes they go through as their friends grow up, to getting lost and feeling found again. Set in the inanimate world of stationery, we go on a journey of discovery with the items we spend most of our time with.

Directors Note

‘Lost and Found’ is the first public performance from our Gonzo Youth Theatre 11-13 year old group. We always do a private showcase with this age group and a public show with the older group, but this year, we decided that the 11-13’s were just as ready to perform and just as eager to show their skills to a wider audience. We started devising ‘Lost and Found’ in January, with the group creating different scenarios, discussing what themes they wanted to cover and exploring the way they see the world around them. A lot of hard work went into these workshops, providing a solid foundation for the type of show we wanted to make.

From those workshops, a script was born, and characters came to life. Each young person in the group has been able to create their character to such a high standard and have them inhabit the world we have made for them. We have been in full rehearsal mode since then and have spent every week working away to bring this show out into the open. Now is the time to show it, and we are excited and delighted to have you all here to see it and to share this experience with us.


Meadow: Kayla Hicks

Violet: Sadhbh Wells

Robin Egg: Thomas Mooney

Majesty: Aoife O’Callaghan

Fuchsia: Emma McIntyre

Bluebell: Sorcha Smith

Asparagus: Pearse Mackle

Banana: Eoin Flood

Shadow: Enya O’Reilly

Sepia: Joel McGriskin

Mango: Callum Kelly

Chestnut: Bronagh Cullen

Sienna: Grace Clarke-Verrall

Maroon: Dara Cunningham

Wisteria: Meadbh Campbell

Copper: Gearoid Doherty

Scarlet: Emmet Mackle

Apricot: Megan Griffith Kean

Fern: Dara Flood


Director & Playwright: Calantha Forde

Producer/Assistant Director: Kevin O’Connor

Assistant Director: Lisa Donohoe

Set Design: Shawn Hicks

Lighting: Paul Farnan

Costuming: Helen Foy

Graphic Design: Seán McEntegart

  • Lost & Found | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Lost & Found | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Lost & Found | Gonzo Youth Theatre

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