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April 10, 2017

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Don’t Feed The Animals

Gonzo Youth Theatre present Don’t Feed The Animals by Jemma Kennedy on Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 8pm in the Town Hall, Cavan.

Don't Feed The Animals | Gonzo Youth Theatre


One of the reasons for choosing this play was to investigate hierarchy and status. In the course of the story these considerations have to be put aside, the gang has to work together and form new collaborative relationships. “People are the new animals” is the central metaphor of the play; the way young people are controlled and contained.

Directors Notes

Staging and rehearsing ‘Don’t Feed the Animals’ has been about letting the young people discover and build upon their creative instincts and talents. Then creating the safe space to assist in giving them the structure, self-discipline and focus to transform these instincts into a great production. 

Weekly workshops provide a safe space for our young people, a space where everyone is respected and listened to. Questions are raised about relationships, creative decisions, instagram quotes. There is no such thing as a stupid question, a space for young people not just to talk about issues but to analyse and perform them and maybe devise solutions for both personal and political concerns. 


Zack: Jack Elliott

Missy: Michaela McGill

Pozzo: Michael Lafferty

Pedro: Grace Reilly

Pop: Sorcha Smith

Pip: Deema McEvoy

Tinkerbell: Regina White

Spike: Natalie Loughlin

Chloe: Niamh Maguire

Raj: Conall Ruddy

Diz: Vanessa Connolly

Billy: Daire Donohoe

Alex: Laura Tilson

Midge: Brianna Smith

Lulu: Kate O’Brien

Charlie: Caoimhe Sexton

Boy: Alex Flood 

Clowns: Matthew Sheridan, Christian Dunne, William McGibney, Martin McGibney


Director: Kevin O’Connor

Assistant Directors: Elizabeth Doonan and Calantha Forde 

Set Design: Mike McGovern

Lighting Design: Paul Farnan

Music Director: Peter Denton

Costumes: Helen Foy

  • Don't Feed The Animals | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Don't Feed The Animals | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Don't Feed The Animals | Gonzo Youth Theatre

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