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March 8, 2018

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Disco Purgatorio

Gonzo Youth Theatre present Disco Purgatorio by Philip Doherty on Friday 30th & Saturday 31st March 2018 at 7:30pm in Bonkerz Nightclub, Farnham Arms Hotel. Suitable for ages 14+.

Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre


This year with the closure of our usual performance venue; the Town Hall, we had to think where we could perform our play. This led us to inquire into the possibility of doing a site-specific piece, and with this in mind we sought out the assistance of local playwright Philip Doherty. Philip attended many improvisational workshops, taking copious notes on the issues facing our young people that our group were investigating. Philip came back with the play you are about to see. This process has been led by the young people with our help and guidance.

Directors Note

As always, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to many people for helping to make this play happen. Firstly to Creative Ireland who helped us to stage this ambitious production with generous support and funding. We also thank Cavan County Council, Youth Theatre Ireland, and The Farnham Hotel, and a massive thank you to the parents; the people who facilitate their young people to attend the Gonzo Youth Theatre, the people who drop-off and pick up on a busy Saturday, the people who encourage and support their children’s theatrical adventures. And finally to my two assistant facilitators Calantha and Lisa, who keep me on the straight and narrow and without whose loyalty and support we would not be where we are or doing what we do.

Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre


Oonagh: Michaela McGill

Girl 1/Girl 4: Natalie Loughlin

Girl 2: Niamh Maguire

Girl 3/Girl 5: Eva Couse

Bouncer: Tommy Sharkey

D.J/Voice Over: Peter Denton

Game Show Presenter: Matthew Sheridan

Girl in Sparkly Dress: Brianna Smith

StageManager/Lad 1/Edward: Alex Flood

Narrator: Joachim Dudczak

Fionn: Christian Dunne

Chat Show Host/Bully 1: Regina White

Clare/Girl 7: Kate O’Brien

Paul: Daire Donohoe

Sweeper/Girl 8: Grace Reilly

Mopper: Michael Lafferty

Bottle Boy/Girl 6: Brianna Smith

Tim: William McGibney

Lad 1: Christian Dunne

Leo/Culchie: Martin McGibney

Bully 2/Girl 1: Ciara McMillan

Girl 2/New Hero: Carla Reilly

Girl 3: Niamh McGuire


Director: Kevin O’Connor

Lighting: Paul Farnan

Sound: Peter Denton

Backstage: Calantha Forde & Lisa Donohoe

  • Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre
  • Disco Purgatorio | Gonzo Youth Theatre

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