Our Classes

At Gonzo we have four different age groups coming to youth theatre each week.

5-7 Year Old Class

At this age, we focus on introducing theatre skills, working on communication and story-telling. 

8-10 Year Old Class

In this group, we work a lot more on physicality and movement, as well as improvisation and getting used to stage positioning.

11-13 Year Old Class

Our 11-13 year old class is a lot more focused on performance. They love being on stage at this point, and are easily collaborating and self directing.

14+ Year Old Class

In our teen and older class, we explore and refine our theatre skills. Movement, physicality, voice, and improvisation are all highlights of these classes. We also put on a year public performance of a classic, a contemporary or a devised play.

If you would like to find out about joining Gonzo Youth Theatre, do send us a message!